Company properties

List of properties

All the properties that we send for companies are listed below:

List of limited options for corresponding properties are further below.

All company properties are nested in each json payload under the "company_properties" key.

  "event_id": 458325,
  "timestamp": "2020-04-23T12:25:32.209Z",
  "type": "technology_removed",
  "alert_name": "Hotjar deleted",
  "event_verbose": "Wine Central removed Hotjar",
  "domain": "",
  "event_properties": {
    "technology_name": "Hotjar",
    "technology_domain": "",
    "technology_category": "Analytics"
  "company_properties": {
    "company_name": "Wine Central",
    "alexa_rank": null,
    "country": "New Zealand",
    "location": "Albany, Auckland, New Zealand",
    "industry": "Food & Beverages",
    "employees_range": "1-10",
    "social_linkedin_url": "",
    "social_facebook_url": "/4winecentral",
    "social_twitter_url": null,
    "year_founded": 2013

Values for properties with limited options

Below are all the all the possible values that could be returned for company properties with limited options.

Employees range



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