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API integration

Sonar API allows you to retrieve data directly from Sonar database. The API currently provides two end points that return infographics, technographics as well as extra data for:
  • Domains
  • Emails
You need to retrieve the API key of your organisation to make calls with the API. The key can be found on the integrations page of your account.

Enrichment methods

Enrich a domain
Enrich an email

Lookup methods

Lookup technologies for a domain

Extra fields

For the enrichment endpoints, we return extra optional fields on demand if the extra_fields parameter exists in the url.
We only return the extra pricing field for now. For example, if you add the pricing extra_field below:
Sonar will append the returned response with a pricing object as follow:
"pricing": {
"pricing_page": "",
"subscription": {
"has_trial": true,
"has_annual_plan": null,
"has_monthly_plan": true
Note that every key in the pricing object can be null (like 'subscription').
New keys might also be added overtime.
Last modified 1yr ago